PROJECTS / Group profile

After 29 years of business development, Jinqiao Group has evolved from a single real estate company into a comprehensive enterprise group with four business sectors, viz. real estate development, culture/education/medical care, construction and property management services, and finance/securities/investment in different industries, regions and countries. Jinqiao Group possesses national class-A real estate development qualifications, national class-A general contracting qualifications in construction, and national class-A property management service qualifications. The diversified development path has also provided multi-dimensional development support for Jinqiao Group in the face of economic downturn, laying a solid foundation for the Group to enhance its brand influence.

Education contributes to the nation and makes dream come true 

The culture and education sector is also one of the industries for key development by Jinqiao Group. The Group has invested 1.6 billion yuan to establish Hunan Software Vocational Institute, a college for full-time students enrolled under National Higher Education Entrance Examination. With over 13,000 students and nearly 1,000 faculty members, the Institute is one of the three professional higher vocational colleges in China that cultivate talents in IT and construction sectors. It produces a wealth of talents for large enterprises such as ZTE and Skyworth each year.

Smart healthcare contributes to society

Jinqiao Hospital is a second-class traditional Chinese medicine hospital integrating medical treatment, scientific research, rehabilitation and cultivation of Chinese herbal medicine. It is now a designated unit for medical insurance for organizations and institutions in Changsha City, Xiangtan City and those directly affiliated to the provincial government. Located in Heling Town, Yuhu District, Xiangtan City and adjacent to Wangcheng District, Changsha City, it is about half an hour’s drive (expressway) from Hanpu Town, the seat of Hunan Academy of Chinese Medicine. The Hospital has more than 200 health workers, including 5 persons with senior titles, 20 with intermediate titles; and has 200 beds. There are clinical departments such as specialized department for stroke prevention and treatment, rheumatism pain, slipped disc treatment center, internal pediatrics, surgery (orthopedics), department of gynecology, and preventive medicine department. With outstanding characteristics in specialty of traditional Chinese medicine, the Hospital has been identified as the “National Unit for Featured Specialty Construction Project for the Prevention and Treatment of Stroke Diseases”, “National Pilot Unit for Preventive Treatment of Disease and Healthcare” and the “National Supporting Unit for the Studio of Grassroots Famous Old Chinese Medicine Experts”.

Since its inception 29 years ago, Jinqiao Investment Holding Group has made great strides in production and operation, and entering the capital market has become the top priority for the Group’s leapfrogging development. In July 2010, Hunan Jinqiao Construction Group Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of the Group, was listed as one of the 158 key reserve companies for listing by the Hunan Provincial Leading Group for Enterprise Listing. In July 2011, it was once again listed as one of the 215 key reserve companies for listing by the Hunan Provincial Leading Group for Enterprise Listing. 

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